Deep sugar frying?

By 19. December 2014Blog, Health, Taste

Yes, I kid you not, someone has decided to do away with oil and came up with the idea of frying in molten glucose. But does it work?

Let’s face it, cooking food items such as French fries in oil makes them taste a lot better than if they were just boiled or baked in the oven. But some of the oil will of course end up in the fries and as the authors of the publication state in their abstract, this does have health implications.

They decided to take French fries and cook them in heated molten glucose and compare these to French fries cooked in the conventional way. Apparently the thickness of the crust, colour and texture parameters are all comparable. The glucose content was doubled but it should be no surprise that this would increase. They suggest that cooking in glucose offers a non fat alternative to the standard way of frying.

That all sounds fine but what I want to know is do they taste any good?

The paper was published in the Journal of Food Science.