Calorie advise from Coke?

By 25. July 2013Blog, Health

Yep, although not yet seen on our side of the pond, a Coca-cola tv advert aired in the States and Canada back in January advised consumers that if their intake of calories is more than they burn off them they will put on weight.

And it was reported on the Australian Sunshine Post Website NOOSA yesterday that a similar ad campaign will start in New Zealand.

The advert also talks about all the positive things Coke are doing to fight obesity such as trying to improve the flavour of their low calorie drinks and their constant search for new types of sweetener.

Critics have said that if they were serious about fighting obesity they would stop selling their large bottle sizes, something they have said they are not willing to do.

But, at the end of the day, is it really up to them to control how much we drink by limiting bottle size or is this something we should be able to do for ourselves? The advert does after all remind those that have forgotten that soft drinks contain calories.

The original story was reported on the BBC website.

Click here to read the article from the NOOSA website.