Breast truly could be best

By 20. March 2015Blog, Health, Nutrition

If you want your child to be the best they can be it seems that breastfeeding them might be the way to go.

A study of over 10,000 children from the UK has found that those that were exclusively breastfed for at least the first 4 weeks of their life outperformed those that were bottle fed.

Reported in the English newspaper the Telegraph, the study showed that breastfed children had higher IQs then non breast fed children when tested at ages 5, 7, 11 and 14.

The article quotes Maria Iacovou, a research fellow at the Institute for Social and Economic Research as saying that there are 2 current ideas for why there seems to be a difference in IQ. Long chain fatty acids in the breastmilk or the mother child bond.

It should be easy enough to see if it is the mother baby bond, just compare breastfed babies to babies that were fed breast milk that had been pumped….. also, I think long chain fatty acids are present in formula milk as standard now, so collecting new data to see if there is still a difference could be an idea.

Click here to read the story on the Telegraph website.