Break the nightly fast in the morning and pump up the protein

By 2. March 2015Blog, Health, Nutrition

Breakfast comes in many shapes and sizes: the full English, pancakes, waffles, cereal, or toast to name a few. And the latest news is that high protein could be the way to go.

Researchers wanted to see the effect on blood sugar levels of eating a high protein breakfast compared to a normal protein breakfast on overweight adolescent girls who regularly skipped breakfast. To do this they compared them to a group who did normally eat breakfast.

What they found was not a simple story. For those who regularly ate breakfast, a high protein diet limited their blood sugar during the rest of the day, which is what you want. But for those who regularly skipped their breakfast, the high protein breakfast caused a larger afternoon and daily glucose response (which is not good) compared to the normal protein breakfast. These changes in the glucose response can lead to type II diabetes.

The researchers said that it is not clear if skipping breakfast causes the inability to metabolise the high amounts of protein or if its due to a metabolic difference which is perhaps driving the breakfast skipping behaviour. I think that means watch this space…

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