An apple a day…

By 1. January 2014Blog, Health, Nutrition

The Victorians were right, an apple a day really could keep the doctor away. That is according to research published in the journal BMJ earlier this month.

The researchers used modelling to see what would happen if all the of the UK population over 50 were to eat an apple a day in comparison to taking statins. According to the authors a daily apple could “prevent or delay around 8,500 vascular deaths … in the UK”.

They estimate that prescribing more statins to the over 50s could prevent or delay 9,400 vascular deaths in the UK, more than for taking apples but they also point out that statins come with side effects.

The researchers stress that anyone taking statins should not stop but by all means could eat more apples.

Read the press release on the BMJ webiste.