What’s up with the tea?

By 21. May 2015Blog, Taste

Something strange is happening in new kettles up and down the UK. It seems that the water boiled in the kettles has a bad taste or smell.

Reported on the website for the English newspaper The Independent, the phenomenon is not restricted to one make or model of kettle.

The consumer magazine Which? has opened an investigation into the problem and confirmed that there was a problem with the taste and smell of the water boiled in one of the offending models of kettle. Since then, more makes and models of kettles have been reported to Which?.

Kettle manufactures that responded to the newspaper’s request for comment said their kettles are made to the highest standards and that any customers experiencing problems should contact customer services. One kettle manufacturer stated that they were not aware of any complaints about their kettles but that they would work closely with Which? if this were to happen.

Which? Asks people experiencing problems to boil some water in a saucepan and see if it has the same strange smell or taste. I suppose if you don’t want to boil some in a saucepan you could also buy a cheap bottled water and see if the same thing happens when you boil it.

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