We say Cadbury’s, you say Hershey’s….

By 9. February 2015Blog, Taste

….please call the whole ban off. Sad news for the 1.3 million or so British expats living in the US, the American chocolate brand Hershey’s has brought a lawsuit against importers of British chocolate, which basically has stopped the import of UK made Cadbury’s products.

Reported on the website on the English newspaper “The Telegraph”, expats are stocking up on the UK versions of their favourite chocolates while they can.

But why the fuss? Well, despite what some of our European cousins think of our chocolate (they don’t like the fact we add vegetable oil or milk and it took 27 years for it to be allowed to be sold in some countries) we add a minimum of 20% cocoa solids whereas they add 10% in the US. The author of the piece on The Telegraph website says this really affects the flavour and described it tasting like “watery sour milk” with the appearance of “dried mud”. Sounds yummy….

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