Wake up and smell the… peanut butter?

By 30. September 2015Blog, Taste

Yep, in a world where people are constantly trying to save time in daily routine comes a mash up for lovers of peanut butter and coffee: green coffee bean peanut butter.

The unusual concoction in the brain child of a US company from Massachusetts called Steem. Reported on the website “Boston.com” the founders hit upon the idea while trying to come up with hang over cures. It did not say if they themselves had hangovers at the time but I could believe it.

Apparently the caffeine from the coffee beans binds to the unsaturated fat from the peanut butter causing it to be released slowly over a longer period of time, i.e. just the prolonged infusion of caffeine you probably need while fighting the effects of the night before.

Cola and bacon sandwich smoothie anyone? Oh well, just a thought…

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