UK Dairy farmers reach boiling point

By 8. August 2012Blog

All is not well with the UK dairy farmers. The BBC radio programme “Farming Today” has been covering the story for the last few weeks that UK dairy farmers are up in arms about the price they receive for their milk, claiming that it currently costs more to produce than they are selling it for.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) claim that many of their members will go out of business if the announced price cuts go forward. Angry farmers blockaded milk processing plants with their tractors and some have said that if the problem is not resolved they will have no choice but to withhold their milk from sale and pour it down the drain.

Are the supermarkets being unreasonable with the price they pay for the milk? Or do the farmers need to ask the question “Are we doing everything possible to reduce our costs?” It seems to be a problem of no easy answer.

Listen to the Farmers today podcasts available from the BBC website.