Tall, grande or venti? White, clear or blue?

By 2. December 2014Blog, Taste

Staying on the subject of coffee for another day, do you like your café latte a bit on the sweeter side? Perhaps you should consider drinking it from a see through or blue mug as opposed to a white one then.

Yes, that was one of the findings from an interesting paper published in the journal Flavour.

The researchers wanted to see if the colour of the mug from which the coffee is drunk would have an effect on the drinkers perception of the coffee.

They also found that a white mug made the coffee seem more intense as opposed to a see through or blue one.

They conclude that as there is no significant difference between the perception of the coffee when drunk from the blue or see through mug it is probably the contrast of coffee against the white background that is causing the differences in the perception of intensity and sweetness.

Click here to have a read of the full paper.