Stink me not giant garlic

By 28. April 2016Blog, Taste

Entrepreneurs from Italy have resurrected an old variety of garlic that doesn’t cause people to pull back every time you breath in their direction that day after eating it.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where almost everyone eats garlic every day then you probably don’t know what I am talking about. But if like me, you live somewhere where garlic seems to only be eaten occasionally then when someone has eaten it the morning after smell emanating from them is as obvious as stale grog.

But, help is at hand, reported in the English newspaper The Telegraph, two Italians will soon bring to market an old variety of mild garlic called aglione, that does not have the same downside as normal garlic.

Apparently, one of the two came across the unusual garlic in a small market in Tuscany 3 years ago and, after realising that it was basically dying out, decided they should try to bring it back to the masses.

According to the article, the crop will be ready in 2 months time and the pair have been trying to get their garlic into some of Italy’s Michelin-star restaurants and high quality food markets.

I hope they choose a market in Germany, I for one, would love to try it.

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