Stern Times with Stanley, the Salmonella

By 5. October 2012Blog

An outbreak of Salmonella Stanley infection involving 167 confirmed and 254 probable cases is on-going in several Member States of the European Union (EU). As cases do not have travel history outside the EU within the usual incubation period for salmonellosis, these findings strongly suggest a multi-state outbreak currently taking place in several countries in the EU. The descriptive epidemiology of human cases indicates a transmission originating from a persistent common source or multiple sources in the EU that are contaminated with isolates indistinguishable by XbaI-PFGE.

The epidemiological and microbiological information gathered through the public health, food and veterinary investigations strongly suggest that the turkey production chain is the source of the outbreak. However, the contribution of other food and animal sources, such as beef, pork and broiler meat to the outbreak cannot be ruled out.

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