Protein from food waste, with no flies in sight…

By 9. July 2014Blog, Nutrition

Protein is back in the news this week with the launch of a new product, Cellper, a pre-digested protein product aimed at the malnourished.

Apparently based on research for astronauts, the company Cell United Ltd., are able to take food waste, predominantly from the fish industry and process it to produce free amino acids that are easily absorbed by the human body.

That all sounds splendid, just last week we reported once more on the impending problem of ever increasing meat protein consumption and the lack of land to produce it on. Plant and insect alternatives have been suggested but nice to see there are other options out there.

Indeed, it is even stated on the website that the waste from their process has potential as animal feed.

You can read about Cellper on the Cells United webpage.