Potential beer shortage in Denmark

By 23. August 2013Blog

Carlsberg workers don’t do walk outs, but if they did…oh sorry, actually they have. That is the news this week that 130 workers in the Carlsberg plant in Fredericia, Denmark have gone on strike after an employee was hired who is not part of the brewer’s union.

A company spokesman was quoted in the Guardian newspaper as saying that this is an internal matter between the employees. In Denmark it is illegal for companies to ask if workers are part of a union and illegal to fire someone if you find out they are not part of one so there is very little the company can legally do to try and remedy the situation.

Draft beer is running low and plans are afoot to import it from other Scandinavian countries and Germany to ensure the Danes don’t end up with a dry end to the summer.

Read the full story (and some other reasons for strikes at the plant) on the Guardian website.