Oil up that salad…

By 17. October 2017Blog, Nutrition

…if you want to get the most carotenes and fat soluble vitamins out of it. Yes another month, another paper reaching the same conclusion as others we have reported on previously (Egg up that salad, avocado is for A) if you add some sort of fat to your salad, in this case soybean oil but in the previous blogs egg or avocado, then your body will be able to get more of the carotenes and other fat soluble goodies held within the salad vegetables.

The paper, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, recruited 12 women to eat 5 salads with salad dressing containing 0, 2, 4, 8, or 32 g soybean oil. They found the highest absorption of all carotenoids and fat soluble vitamins with 32g of soy oil, so they had still not found the point at which it stopped increasing how much the body could absorp.

They also found that this increased absorption caused by the soybean oil varied widely between the participants (although 12 is a small sample size) and in fact some inidividuals showed little repsonse to the oil.

I think I’ll play it safe and keep the oil on my salad.

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