Lamb, but what else?

By 10. February 2015Blog, Quality

Oh dear, even after all the publicity and scandal 21% of lamb curries in the UK are still adulterated with other cheaper or possibly sub standard meats.

Reported in the English newspaper “The Guardian” local authority trading standards and environmental health officers tested 307 lamb curries, kebabs and other lamb dishes for the presence of other meats and allergens.

They found that 65 out of the 307 (21%) failed due to the presence of undeclared meat. Twenty three out of the 65 (35%) had less than 1% of the contaminating meat suggesting that the contamination was down to bad practise, i.e. not cleaning the meat grinder between different meats.

The FSA where quoted in the article as saying “Consumers need to know that the food they buy is what it says on the menu or the label. The FSA is working with local authorities to identify potential problems and investigate.”

No more horsing around, the hunt is on….

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