Keep the frack away from our beer

By 18. June 2014Blog, Quality, Taste

All is not well in Lower Saxony, Germany. US energy group ExxonMobil carried out a fracking test back in 2011 and now locals are convinced that the company has earmarked the area for the first fracking site in Germany.

Reported in the english newspaper “The Guardian” a local family brewery “Landhaus-Brauerei Borchert GmbH” are very concerned what the process would do to the local groundwater, or what the locals might believe the process has done to the groundwater. Germany is a nation of brewers, and although laws have been relaxed recently so that brewers do not have to follow the Reinheitsgebot  (German Beer Purity Law) one thing is clear, in the German mentality you should not mess with the beer.

There were big protests two years ago during the test drillings that apparently put off the energy companies from testing more sites. Since then, the brewers association have been attempting to get the water protection law updated to include small wells and private springs which are not currently covered.

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