Insect poop tea, turning “waste into treasure”

By 7. August 2013Blog, Taste

While reading the upcoming papers in the journal “Food Research International” I came across this article and thought it definitely worth a mention.

Insect tea, or dragon ball tea is an infusion made from the droppings of insects. It has been traditionally drunk in Southwest China for many centuries and supposedly has many health benefits. One of the many mentioned in the review was that the infusion can promote the growth of certain species of Lactobacillus (a good bacteria) and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus.

The publication finishes by acknowledging that insect tea is not yet a popular drink and that many people may feel uncomfortable to drink it. I must admit it does not sound like something I would like to try anytime soon. But then, nor does a product made from the spit of insects, and yet I like to eat honey.

An interesting read none the less. Click here to read the review.