GM: Retraction of the “defective”

By 5. December 2013Blog

Back in December last year we reported on the controversy caused by a paper claiming a link between GM maize, a pesticide and tumours in rats. The paper at the time was labeled by some critics as “defective”.

Now the journal who originally published the paper, the Journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, are retracting it. The journal conducted a thorough investigation following all the controversy but did not find any wrong doing. Their concerns are that the small number of animals in the study and the high tendency of that strain of rat to develop tumors meant that significance cannot be drawn from the results.

The editor of the journal commended the author of the paper for his willingness and openness in participating in the dialog and said that the journal will continue to review all manuscripts “no matter how controversial”

Click here to read a statement from the editor-in-chief over the retraction