Food fraud: L’eau de Lamb

By 8. January 2014Blog

We should all be familiar with the practice of adding extra water to meat to increase the weight and therefore the profit, but as annoying as it is, at least the water is clean.

Not so in the latest food scandal to hit China. Reported in the English newspaper the Guardian on Monday. Seven people from the Guangdong province have been arrested following a raid on an illegal abattoir.

It was reported that the suspects had been slaughtering up to 100 sheep per day and “pumping bacteria-ridden water into the meat before it was sold at markets”.

Food fraud is a big topic in China following a number of scandals in recent years, and online shops selling products from abroad or direct from farms have become very popular (See the food scandal section of the Chinese newspaper the South China Morning Post).

Click here to go to the story on the Guardian website.