Food fraud: Fake vodka found in Ireland

By 20. December 2013Blog

Smirnoff vodka drinkers beware! Well, those in Ireland at least. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) posted a press release on their website on Wednesday that a small quantity of fake Smirnoff vodka had been found in the market.

Luckily there do not appear to be any dangerous ingredients (such as methanol) but the alcohol content is lower than it should be, 32% rather than 37.5%.

The CEO of the FSAI, Prof. Alan Reilly, said that although no dangerous ingredients were found he would not recommend drinking it as its origin is unknown.

One way to spot the fake vodka is that is claims to be a product of Ireland whereas Smirnoff is produced in the UK.

Check out the press release on the FSAI website.