EC meat quality audit carried out in Canady

By 28. October 2011Blog, Quality

The objective of the audit was to evaluate the implementation, controls on and the enforcement of the sanitary measures in place aimed at ensuring fulfilment of the requirements applicable to exports from Canada to the EU of the commodities included in the scope of the audit and the follow up of the previous mission. The overall conclusion states that the controls for pigs and horses were adequately applied. All in all, testing complied to the regulations.

“For the production of beef and pig meat the Canadian authorities require split systems with regard to the use of growth promoters or feed additives. The system of Ractopamine Free Pork meat was adequately implemented. Split systems for the production of beef in the establishments visited were noted. No requirement for split systems is in place for the production of bison and horse meat.

Since August 2010 horses destined for slaughter should be accompanied by an Affidavit signed by the last owner, documenting the identity of the horse, medical treatments for the previous six months and confirming that growth promoters have not been used. The majority of horses slaughtered for EU export are imported directly from the US and this requirement also applies. The imported horses were accompanied by the signed Affidavit of the last owner. Nevertheless, no official guarantee was requested from the United States (US) authorities that Affidavits were verified and could be considered as reliable.

Trichina controls in pig and horse meat were implemented and adequately supervised. Animal welfare controls at slaughter of horses provided an equivalent guarantee whereas such a guarantee for the slaughter of pigs could not be provided. Some shortcomings with regard to certification of export consignments were noted.

A number of recommendations have been made to the CA with a view to addressing the deficiencies identified during the audit.”

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