Diet Soda “el natural”

By 14. February 2014Blog, Taste

Stevia, anyone who’s seen the new Tropicana adverts will know what I am talking about, a natural sweetener from plant extract that is making a splash in a world of artificial sweeteners.

According to the US newspaper Columbus Dispatch,  Dr Pepper is giving it a try. Concerned with a down turn in consumption of soda, (both normal and diet versions) the company has been trying new ways to entice people back to the brand.

Back in 2011 they introduced “Dr Pepper Ten” that sits somewhere between a diet soda and a normal one containing just enough high fructose corn syrup to off set the taste of the artificial sweeteners.

Now they have gone one step further and produced a soda sweetened with the natural sweetener stevia and sugar. The sugar is less than the amount found in the normal version of the soft drink and balances the after taste of the stevia.

Sounds great, when do we get to try it in Europe?

Click here to go to the article on the website of the Columbus Dispatch.