Curry yogurt anyone?

By 10. February 2016Blog, Nutrition, Taste

Interesting news from the Journal of Food Science, if you want to increase the bioavailability of cucuminoids then putting it into some yogurt instead of an aqueous solution is the way to go.

Cucuminoids are something we have blogged about a few times. Found in turmeric, they have been suggested as being active against cancer and even as a pick me up coffee alternative.

The researchers in this case decided to compare the amount of bioavailable cucumionoids in a yogurt and an aqueous based liquid. It turns out that in yogurt, it is 15 times more bioavailable.

Sounds very impressive, so basically it is better when in a fat based media, like, for instance, curry? (For you non native anglophones out there, that is curry the indian dish, not curry powder).

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