Coffee break could help the memories to stay

By 14. January 2014Blog

A nice piece of research for those caffeine junkies among us, researchers have found that taking caffeine after studying some pictures allowed participants to correctly tell them apart from new but similar pictures more often than participants on a placebo or a lesser dose of caffeine.

The paper, published in the Journal Nature Neuroscience, looked at people taking doses of 100, 200, 300 or 400 mg of caffeine just after seeing the pictures and then being tested 24 hours later. They found that a dose of at 200 mg had a significant effect on the whether or not the participant could correctly identify new but very similar pictures as new.

Apparently an average cup of coffee can contain up to 100 mg and an average black tea 60 mg although this would depend on many factors.

Does this mean I should drink 2 cups of coffee after everything I want to remember better? I see a lot of jittery afternoons in my future…

The paper is published on the Nature website.