Asskicker, the coffee that’s half way to killing you

By 10. October 2018Blog

News of an interesting product for all you fellow caffeine junkies out there. It seems that a café in Australia has come up with a coffee so strong, it’s half way to being lethal.

The coffee, known as Asskicker, contains 5g of caffeine per cup, that is apparently 80 times more than a standard espresso, and half way towards being a lethal dose (10g). The coffee came about to help a nurse stay awake through the night shift. She drank the coffee over 2 days and stayed awake for three. The owner of the café toned it down a bit and the Asskicker was born.

I do love a coffee but I’m not sure how well I would function with that much caffeine in my system. Bouncing off the walls would be an understatement I think.

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