A six pack to help build your six pack?

By 9. October 2015Blog, Nutrition, Taste

Another novelty product for you this morning. If you are someone trying to build up your muscles and you regularly take protein shakes here is one for you (apparently), beer with protein!

Yes, home brewers reading this are probably wondering why you would want to add extra protein to your beer when we normally try to keep the levels quite low. But apparently it works and two products have been launched: Brewtein and Nutribeer both with added whey protein to help build up those muscles.

The company behind the idea, Supplement Brewing, are currently raising funds on kickstarter. Brewtein has a protein level of 7g per bottle which appears to be 330ml. Personally if I was that desperate to up my protein level and have a drink and for some reason had to do these things together I would have a White Russian, but there you go. In the current climate of mash up food and drink products it may just make it.

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