Get your five a day with Häagen-Dazs??

By 8. July 2014Blog, Nutrition, Taste

Erm, yes, this is the news that Häagen-Dazs, those makers of devilishly delicious ice cream have turned their attention to the problem of increasing waist lines and have produced ice cream containing vegetables.

Flavour combinations of “carrot and orange” and “cherry and tomato” made their debut in Japan back in May. They also contain approx. half the amount of fat as the normal flavours. And the reaction to them so far? Well, here are some quotes from a video of someone trying them on the website “Super happy awesome”:

Carrot and orange: “That’s really weird, good, but weird…”

Cherry and tomato: “Why,  why would they do that? It’s really nice with just a hint of no”

To be fair, she does say before trying the ice cream containing the tomato that it has been trendy recently to add tomatoes to desserts in Japan and she is not a fan.

So the big question is, are these interesting flavours going to be coming our way soon? Alas, I see no mention of them on the Haagen Dazs UK or German website.

Click here to see the press release from Häagen Dazs Japan (Google translate recommended).

Click here to see the video review on Super Happy Awesome.