50 Shades of Are You Serious?

By 23. February 2015Blog, Taste

Not one for the faint hearted, with things hotting up behind closed doors up and down the country thanks to “50 Shades of Grey” the Scottish brewery Innes and Gunn decided to get in on the action with the release of their beer “50 Shades of Green”.

Yes, not only does this beer boost a mélange of 50 types of hops, it also contains the natural stimulants ginseng, ginkgo biloba and damiana to help get things going.

With only a very limited supply the beer has already sold out. But maybe as it was in such demand they may feel the need to brew a second batch.

Before you feel too gutted for missing it there is also a disclaimer “** unfortunately drinking this ale does not guarantee that Cupid’s arrow will strike”, damn, maybe they’ll put that in the next beer…

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