More C or more A?

By 26. juli 2012Blog, Health, Nutrition

Grapefruit grown organically have higher levels of vitamin C compared to conventionally grown grapefruit but lower levels of carotenoids. So say researchers from the Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Centre, Texas, and the Texas AgriLife Research Center.

Fruit was collected from a conventional and organic orchard in close proximity and tested for vitamin C and carotenoid levels. The effect of storage conditions were also studied by storing the fruit at room temperature and 9°C and monitoring the vitamin and carotenoid levels. Storage temperature had minimal effect on Vitamin C levels but significant effects on carotenoid degradation, but more interesting was the fact that although organic fruit had higher levels of vitamin C, conventionally grown fruit had significantly higher levels of caroteniods.

The paper is available ahead of print on the Journal of agriculture and food chemistry website.