Home fermenting making a come back

By 21. juni 2012Blog

After listening to BBC documentary podcasts for 2 years I finally decided to check their website to see what other pearls of wisdom they offer and I came across the Food Program from Radio 4. I found a back catalogue of extremely interesting and thought provoking episodes that I will write about here.

The Fermentation Revival, originally broadcast on the 15th April, explores the renewed interest in home fermentation. Fermentation, once a regular part of food preparation at home is sadly becoming a lost art to the younger generations. But Sandor Katz, author of the book “The art of fermentation” is on a quest to re-educate people.

Also, hear from Deborah Carr, who started to make Kefir, a fermented milk product, to control her symptoms of Crohn’s Disease and IBS, and has now runs a successful dairy company in St. Pancreas London called Nourish Karfir.

The podcast is available on the BBC website.