EU on GMO: Risk assessment of genetically modified animals

By 2. februari 2012Blog

The EFSA Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO Panel) and the EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW Panel) were asked by the European commission to report on food or feed consisting of or produced from genetically modified animals and on the welfare and health of these animals. In brief, they have concluded:

On the molecular level, data on the structure, expression and stability of the intended trait including its mobility and whether these modifications could produce unintended proteins or products including new toxins or allegens should be provided.

The GM animals should be compared to a standard animal to check for any biological relevant differences (except the inserted trait) and also the GM animal derived food or feed should be compared to standard animal derived food or feed for the same reason.

The newly expressed proteins should be assessed toxicologically for potential adverse effects and whether and at which dose levels adverse effects occur. It should also be checked for possible allergenicity, and in such cases labeling and conditions for placing on the market should be proposed.

A nutritional assessment should indicate if the GM food or feed is equivalent to its conventional counterpart and this should be reviewed in light of the proposed intake of the food or feed.

The full Scientific opinion is available for download from the EFSA website.