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Oil up that salad…

By | Blog, Nutrition

…if you want to get the most carotenes and fat soluble vitamins out of it. Yes another month, another paper reaching the same conclusion as others we have reported on previously (Egg up that salad, avocado is for A) if you add some sort of fat to your salad, in…

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Ditch the drink yogurt and reach for some walnuts?

By | Allgemein

Friendly bacteria, we hear a lot about them in adverts that try to convince us we should drink liquids that are full of them to help improve our gut health. But, as tasty as these drinks are, is this really the best way to improve gut health?

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Take spuds off the menu?

By | Blog, Gesundheit

When you think potatoes, would you think unhealthy? For chips and crisps sure, but surprisingly a paper published in the British Medical Journal found that potato prepared in many ways can lead to high blood pressure.

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