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Meat free chicken flavour mycoprotein fillets with grilled vegetables

You’ve read the ingredients, but how much of that is Bioavailable?

It may state on the packet how much protein is contained per 100g, but how much does your body take up? Today’s topic is bioavailability. This term is used to describe how much of a certain component in the food … Continue reading

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Coconut oil on the wooden table

Move over olive oil, make way for coconut oil

It is really difficult in this day and age to know what is meant to be good for you or not. Coconut oil has become a fashionable “superfood” with people claiming all sorts of health benefits, from treating Alzheimer’s to … Continue reading


The kebab has been saved for Europeans! But should we be rejoicing?

Reported yesterday on the website of the UK newspaper The Guardian, it would seem that the Europeans MEPS have only narrowly voted against banning phosphates in our food. Phosphates are used in kebab meat to apparently keep the meat juicy, … Continue reading

Banana tree with a bunch of growing mature yellow bananas

Keep those banana plants erect

Our beloved bananas are under threat from a fungus that attacks the roots of the plant causing the plants to wilt. But finally scientists have given the banana plant something to make it resistant to this “Panama disease”, a resistance … Continue reading

olio e insalata

Oil up that salad…

…if you want to get the most carotenes and fat soluble vitamins out of it. Yes another month, another paper reaching the same conclusion as others we have reported on previously (Egg up that salad, avocado is for A) if … Continue reading