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Pommes Frites

Take spuds off the menu?

When you think potatoes, would you think unhealthy? For chips and crisps sure, but surprisingly a paper published in the British Medical Journal found that potato prepared in many ways can lead to high blood pressure. The researchers were interested … Continue reading

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Cool Refreshing Dark Amber Beer

A pint or two a day? Go ahead, it’s ok!

So says a study published ahead of print on the website of the journal Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases. With all the caution surrounding alcohol intake at the moment and especially after the somewhat harsh recommendations from the UK’s chief … Continue reading

Fish oil capsules on wooden spoon

Omega Phew?

The world’s supply chain of omega 3 fatty acids is in trouble. We have reported on it a number of times in this blog. But a new project is underway involving in the University of Nottingham, CHAIN Biotech and Calysta, … Continue reading

Close up of a baby girl looking at camera with a big blue eyes

Vitamin D, the body builder

Anyone who has has a child these last few years has probably had the pleasure of trying to dissolve vitamin D tablets in teaspoons of breast milk or warm water and then the even more difficult task of trying to get your … Continue reading

Stacked chocolate bars

Chocolate, it could help against diabetes

Yes, that is a nice thing to hear on a Friday afternoon. It would seem that those who eat chocolate on a regular basis seem to have a lower chance of developing diabetes. Published in the British Journal of Nutrition, … Continue reading