Lower the blood glucose the lentil way

Mix Of Thai Rice And Lentils

Do you worry about spikes in your blood glucose levels after your meals, or the Glycemic index of the foods you eat? Probably not, but eating foods that yield a low increase in your blood sugar level could help to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

With this in mind, a group of researchers decided to test the effect on blood glucose levels of substituting half of the available carbohydrate from either potato or rice with lentils.

They found that substitution with the 3 types of lentils tested: large green, small green and split red all significantly reduced blood glucose levels compared to the rice or potato alone.

So far so good, but we should not forget that this would modify the sensory attributes of the food which may deter some people. Still, as someone who already enjoys a mix of rice and lentils as a side dish to a tasty curry I would certainly say give it a try.

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