Is it a Kölsch? Is it an Alt?

Beer in glass

Nope, it is fusion of the two called a Költ. For those reading this blog and wondering what I am talking about (although I’m sure the picture might have been a giveaway) Kölsch and Alt are two types of beer.

Kölsch is a style of beer from Köln (or Cologne) and Alt is a style of beer from Düsseldorf. To say that there is some rivalry between these two neighbouring cities is like stating sea water is salty.
But two friends who studied together in Düsseldorf where travelling one day between Köln and Düsseldorf and came across the all too familiar situation: Kölsch vs Alt. And then they thought, why not try to make a beer combining the methods of the two?

Hence, in a small town situated “exactly” midway between the cities they found a brew master who could realise their dream for them and finally Költ was born. According to the story on the ZDF website, the first 800 litres of the beer will be served at carnival in a city called Monheim.

Well, they say in business you should have a good product and a good story. They certainly have half of it sorted, and I’m keen to see if the beer measures up to the hype.

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