Working on that New Year Resolution?

People cycling in a spin class at a gym

If like many people, you over indulged this Christmas time and have decided to go to the gym more or take up a sport, then you may wish to try a boost such as caffeine or taurine.

Reported in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, researchers at St. Mary’s University, London, recruited 7 male team sport players for a randomised, single blind, crossover study. They gave them either caffeine, taurine, caffeine & taurine or a placebo and then asked them to complete 3 Wingate tests (a cycling test to measure fitness).

They found that all of the treatment groups led to an increase in mean peak power, peak power and mean power compared to the placebo but that taurine evoked a greater performance enhancement than caffeine.

Another paper published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism has found that only low habitual caffeine consumers seemed to benefit from a dose of caffeine before testing their sport performance compared to moderate or high consumers.

I don’t think I am willing to reduce my daily caffeine hit so maybe taurine might be worth a look in.

Click here to read more about the caffeine and taurine paper

Click here to read more about the caffeine paper


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